Pastor Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor began serving as pastor of Lakeshore Bible Church in March 2007. Prior to serving as pastor of Lakeshore he was pastor of Cornerstone Bible Church, McDonough, GA. He served the Church of God General Conference and Atlanta Bible College, Morrow, GA, as Director of Communications and Technology Director as well as a teaching faculty member from 1999-2005.


Pastor Taylor has nearly 30 years of pastoral experience having served churches in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Georgia prior to moving to Arizona.


Steve and Jill (Anger) Taylor have been married since 1976 and they have 2 children and 2 grandchildren.


As well as pastoral ministry and theology, Steve has a background in data cabling, commercial telephone system installation and service, commerical and residential security and audio/video installation, media production, and writing.

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Written by Pastor Steve Taylor   
Thanks for stopping by The Pastor's Corner! I'd like to make you aware of some resources that can be a help to you in the adventure of following Christ.

First of all, I regularly write several blogs. Here are the links:

I am also a published author, with my first book available as both an e-book and paperback print:

More books will be following; in particular, The Truth Revolution. Stay tuned!

Thanks again for visiting The Pastor's Corner. I hope these resources will be a help and blessing to you.

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