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Currently, Lakeshore Bible Church does not offer an online service to submit tithe electronically. However, if you wish to tithe online, most major banks offer an online "Bill Pay" service that can be used to submit your contributions. With online Bill Pay, you submit a contribution through your bank's web site and the bank handles printing and mailing a check to Lakeshore.

For specific instructions on setting up online Bill Pay with your bank, please use the links below. When you are ready to use Bill Pay, please use the information in the box for the "Payee" or "Pay To" account:

Pay To Account Name:

Lakeshore Bible Church

Account #:
<Use your assigned Contributor ID for tithing. If you do not have a Contributor ID, please enter "N/A">


6415 S. Lakeshore Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85283



Bank-Specific Links for Online Bill Pay:

Bank of America


Capital One






U.S. Bank

Wells Fargo

Is your bank not listed? Simply go to your bank's web site and search for "Bill Pay" to see if your bank offers this service. If you are unable to find information online, please call your bank directly.